Auditing service
Why do you use auditing service ?
– Enterprise is enforced to audit under the regulation.
– Your Enterprise is a multinational Company and requires the whole world unifying auditing approach to financial statement.
– You need to control financial Enterprise better and more effective activity.
Financial statement auditing
Financial statement auditing has an important role.
Reliable financial statement auditings will consolidate the trust from investers. Auditing improves the understanding of Board of Management and Board of Director about the Enterprise and alerts risks that Enterprise must face.
Financial statement auditings satisfy the investors’ expectation. And it normally starts from securing fully and exactly information of financial statement.
Independent financial statement auditings help to increase the trust of any information which is supplied to investors, creditors and others concerning with benefit according to Law regulation by Enterprise.
Choosing Thuy Chung because of
Thuy Chung commits independent auditing service that suitable with current auditing standards and brings highest reliable of financial statement to parties.
Thuy Chung’s auditors are enthusiasm, professional, high expertise and multidisciplinary understanding by experiencing in real jobs who will bring to you the consulting with the most briefly, concisely and easiestly to understand.
With high experience of multidisciplinary, Thuy Chung is proud of being a comprehensive auditing service supplier.
Auditing services
– Financial statement auditing
– Identify internal checking
– Estimates auditing and works settlement.
– Economic contract settlement auditing.
– Other special purposes auditing.

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