Accounting service

Why does Company need accounting service ?

Accounting is a science and also an art.

Accounting data is an important thing to administrators. That’s why enterprises must find a good accountant. Is it easy ? That isn’t absolutely simple to small and medium Enterprises and new establishing Enterprises.

Using accounting service from a professional company, you would save accounting fee extremely and accounting data is absolutely confidential. Why ?

Hiring a good accountant, the cost is so high. And will they work with you for a long time ? What will happen to data when they leave their job ?

You have accountant staffs, but you still worry about tax statement, financial statement, and also accounting records ?

You have accountant staffs, but they don’t enough experience in practical in order to do exactly, safely in accounting job  and reach the Law regulations.

And right now, are you looking for a professional accounting company to check and review the whole accounting records ?

Go to Thuy Chung Auditing Co., Ltd

The benefits Thuy Chung can share

Exactly – Timely – Confidentially

Consulting the best way to prevent and reduce the risks, tax errors during accounting system operation process.

Consulting the errors of voucher, data, reasonable cost, profit-loss status and the way of solving that secure to get the best benefits to Enterprise.

We commit to keep confidentially all data, and information concerning with  Enterprise

Saving and effectiveness

Supported by a professional organization with full of Law regulation functions.

Over 20 years doing business, we clearly understand what to do in order to secure the highest benefits to our partners.

Professional – High duties

Setting up a healthy records system, and accounting standard compliance,… Thuy Chung’s partner will prevent the risks happened from regular errors when Tax Management Dept. comes to check.

We would support Enterprise to explain to Tax  Management Dept. when requested.

We explain all things concerning with Tax Law, accounting regulation, voucher regulation and Laws in Business in order to make sure that Enterprise implements the right things with Law regulations and consult the Law regulations to Enterprise.

Thuy Chung shares risks and duties with Enterprises, which an accountant doesn’t have ability to handle.

Accounting service packages:

Full package of Tax accounting : fee from 800.000 VND per month

Checking and yearly tax settlement report: fee from 8.000.000 VND

Accounting checking before tax settlement 

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